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Botanical Ingredient Spotlight: BIRCH

Botanical Ingredient Spotlight: BIRCH

Known as Our Lady of the Woods, birch has traditionally been used to treat many ailments, including headache, fever, cramps, gout, wounds, and skin complaints. More recently, scientists are researching possibilities for treating cancer and HIV with this plant.

Using birch leaf for skincare

The leaves of the birch tree are both astringent and antiseptic. The constituents contained within the leaves help to strengthen skin tissue, and the astringent effects make this herb useful for skin issues like oily skin, weeping eczema, and wounds.

Birch is also great for our hair

That skin-strengthening effect I mentioned above helps to tone the skin, and birch leaf is considered helpful for preventing hair loss. Added to this, when used together with nettle leaf (like in our Nourishing Shampoo), birch helps to open the pores of the scalp, meaning the minerals in the nettle can penetrate more fully into the skin.

All-in-all, using hair care products containing birch helps to leave hair soft and shiny. 

The energy of birch

Birch trees represent new beginnings - they are pioneer trees, the first to grow in new ground, and they nurture the soil for those plants and trees who follow.

Internally, for example, when drinking a cup of birch leaf tea, birch is a kidney supporting herb. Its diuretic effects cleanse the body of old waste and toxins without causing stress to the kidneys.

Have you ever walked through a birch woodland and left feeling refreshed? That could be because the scent of birch helps to clear the mind and soul of thought pollution and mental clutter.

On the whole, birch offers fresh, clearing energy... for mind, body, and soul.