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Botanical Ingredient Spotlight: ROSE

Botanical Ingredient Spotlight: ROSE

The scent of rose will often be found in many perfumes, soaps, and body care products designed for women. It is a well-known and a well-loved fragrance.

Rose: a feminine flower?

I’m sure there are not many who would argue if I were to say that the rose is the ultimate feminine flower.

You only have to think about St. Valentine’s Day when it is customary for a man to gift his partner with a bouquet of roses, yet if a woman were to do the same for her man, it would be seen as rather odd.

There is a saying that roses are good for “the skin and the soul”, and they have a long tradition of medicinal use.

There is a saying that roses are good for “the skin and the soul”, and they have a long tradition of medicinal use. Rose was possibly the first plant to be distilled (i.e. to extract the essential oil), by the 10th-century Arab physician, Avicenna.

Roses have been used through the centuries to treat many ailments, they are a symbol of love and purity and are traditionally scattered at weddings to ensure a happy marriage, the fragrance is used to aid prayer, and, as I’ve already mentioned, in recent years rose fragrance has been added to perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries galore.

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Why is rose so associated with women?

I’m sure the powerful and heady fragrance has something to do with it. And I think it has to do with rose’s natural healing properties. You see, every plant has its own unique medicinal or healing properties, and the properties of rose are very useful to the fairer sex.

Here’s a quick look at those effect…

  • the fragrance of rose has a soothing effect on the emotions, particularly depression. It is said to “lift” the heart and ease stress.

The scent of roses is also said to give a woman positive feelings about herself… and I’m sure we could all use some of that from time to time! As I think of it, it’s like a warm hug for the soul.

  • in skincare, rose is useful for all skin types and, due to its high content of vitamins and antioxidants, is particularly good for those with mature and dry skin. Sensitive skin also benefits from its gentle, soothing qualities.
  • rose’s tonic and soothing qualities are helpful for reducing inflammation, and is thought to be a good treatment for broken thread veins.

What about rose and our internal health?

I’m sure you’ll agree that those are all great benefits for women, and when we look at rose’s actions within the body that we start to really see how it got its reputation as a feminine flower…

  • rose is an excellent tonic for the womb – it can ease PMT and help to regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • rose is also said to be helpful with sexual difficulties by soothing underlying tension or stress by triggering your body to release the “happy” hormone dopamine.

As you can see, rose has gained its “feminine” reputation for a very good reason!

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