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Do I Really Need To Use Hair Conditioner?

Do I Really Need To Use Hair Conditioner?

I love a good beauty myth. Or rather, I love a good busting of a beauty myth. So let’s do it. Let’s bust a beauty myth. Right here. Right now.

What’s the deal with shampoo and conditioner? Do we really need them? Answers to these questions are revealed…

This is a BIG SECRET that I’m gonna share with you right now. And we need to keep this on the hush-hush, because this is something that the beauty industry and the haircare industry don’t want you to know.

Are you ready?

Here it is…

You don’t need to use hair conditioner

Caveat… you don’t need hair conditioner WHEN you’re using the right shampoo.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, people often ask me why we don’t offer a hair conditioner to accompany our Freyaluna shampoo. And it’s simply for this reason: it’s just not necessary.

You see, I have been using our (award-winning… just sayin’) Geranium & Ylang-Ylang Gently Soothing Shampoo for over a year now, and it is only in the last couple of weeks to a month that I have started noticing split ends in my hair.

A year without split ends??? Not bad going!

I’m not gonna lie, my hair and I have always had a love-hate relationship. Over the years, I have tried all sorts of things to try and make it look nice and actually do what I want it to do. I’ve tried blow-drying it, straightening it, curling it, fore-going all heated products altogether, I’ve tried many various styling products, I’ve tried shine sprays… I could go on… and nothing ever really worked.

But since I’ve been using Freyaluna shampoo, my hair has been the healthiest it has ever been. It’s got body, it’s sooooo soft, and it’s finally got shine to it!

Why do we use hair conditioner?

Commercial shampoos contain some very drying ingredients. These ingredients are there to clean your hair and scalp of dirt and oil. This can be a good thing - we don’t want dirt and oil to build-up on our hair or our scalp.

But these harsh ingredients also strip-away the good oil that our bodies produce (and need) to keep our skin and hair looking and feeling healthy. We then use a conditioner to add this oil – this conditioning – back into our hair.

How are Freyaluna shampoos different?

Yes, our shampoos do contain ingredients to clean the dirt and oil from your hair and scalp. But because we don’t use harsh chemical ingredients, our shampoo doesn’t strip your hair and scalp of the good oil. So then you don’t need to add that conditioning back into your hair, because it wasn’t taken away in the first place.

The ends of our hair tend to be the driest part, and so the drying effects of shampoo will be mostly profound at the ends. This is what causes dry, brittle and split ends – especially if you use a lot of heat styling equipment.

When washing your hair, remember to only use the shampoo on your scalp and roots of your hair. Unless you use and EXCESSIVE amount of styling products, this is all your hair needs. Massage the shampoo into your wet scalp, then gently “squeeze” the shampoo into the lengths of your hair. Then rinse.

What if my hair really does need conditioning?

I love a good shampoo-and-go easy ritual in the morning. And that is generally what I stick to. And then sometimes my hair might want a little something more.
When this happens, I reach for my Sandalwood & Orange Herbal Hair Repair Oil.

I love this oil for a few reasons…

    1. The blend of gorgeous botanical ingredients are great for my hair
    2. It can be used in a variety of ways – I currently have three go-to rituals for this oil, depending on what my hair requires
    3. It smells AMAZING!

So do you need to use hair conditioner? I’ll let you be the judge.