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Face Mapping: How To Read Your Lines & Wrinkles

Face Mapping: How To Read Your Lines & Wrinkles

I wrote about face-mapping recently, with regard to acne, and today I want to go a bit further. You see, the ancient art of face-mapping or face-reading isn’t only about what your acne can tell you. Even the simplest facial feature can tell you something about your body, your mind or emotions, or even your character.

Today we’re going to look at those lines and wrinkles that many of us notice as we journey through life. The above illustration shows many of the most common lines, wrinkles and other features we may notice on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s how to read your face according to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian tradition of healing…

What your lines & wrinkles can tell you

1. Horizontal lines on forehead – these lines are often known as “worry lines” because when we’re worried we tend to wrinkle our forehead. They could also be a sign of an excess of liquid, sugar or fat intake.

2. Right vertical line between eyebrows – this line can indicate a weak liver.

3. Left vertical line between eyebrows – this line can indicate a weak spleen.

4. Deep horizontal groove at top of nose – this could indicate that you’re prone to allergies, or that you have a low sex-drive.

5. Crows feet – these small lines seen radiating from the outer corners of the eyes could be a sign of weak eyesight which causes you to squint, as does bright light. They could also indicate a weak liver.

6. Bags or dark circles under the eyes – bags under the eyes is a sign of water-retention and could indicate a kidney problem. Dark circles can indicate poor circulation.

7. Tender area at centre of cheek – this can be a sign of sinus congestion, as when you’ve got a head cold, but it can also signal digestive problems.

8. Red nose tip – as with acne found in this area, a red nose tip can be a sign of heart problems; perhaps your heart is feeling over-worked.

9. Deep vertical line at side of mouth – this line could be a signal of weaknesses in your reproductive system.

10. Prominent laughter lines – if you spend a lot of your time laughing then this is natural, but strong laughter lines can be a sign of pancreatic problems, or diabetes.

11. Vertical lines above top lip – do you smoke? These lines are often the result of smoking. They can also indicate a lack of sexual activity.

12. Spots on the lips

  • Whitish discolouration – this can be a sign of parasites in the colon
  • Blue-purple discolouration – this can signal poor circulation, perhaps due to constipation
  • Dark spots – again, can indicate colon problems.

13. Double chin – often due to a person being over-weight, but could show a slow or weak thyroid gland.

14. Ring around iris – this discolouration around the iris of the eye can show high cholesterol.

15. Prominent temporal vein – this can show high blood pressure, which could be the result of anger or anxiety.

16. Deep groove on the chin – this line can indicate feelings of grief, or frustration. It can also show a strong sex drive.

As you can see from the above list, our facial lines and wrinkles don’t just indicate physical situations within the body, they can also indicate feelings and emotions.

This is a really basic introduction to face-reading, but the next time you notice any lines or wrinkles, you could try following these face-mapping guidelines. It could well be that your skin is trying to give you a message from your internal organs.

However, as with any medical issue, it is always good to get a doctor’s opinion. This is just a general guide to set you in the right investigative direction.

You might also find that some of these lines, wrinkles and other skin issues are more prominent at certain times of the year, during certain weather conditions, or during certain times of your cycle.