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Harnessing The Healing Power Of Mother Nature

Harnessing The Healing Power Of Mother Nature

This is something I’m always talking about because it’s something I SO passionate about.

If we’ve met, I’ve probably mentioned it to you, if you’ve heard me speak, you’ve probably heard about it, and if you’ve read this website, you’ve probably seen it… harnessing the power of Mother Nature.

Seriously, there is so much magic and power out there in the natural world.

Have you seen it?

Have you experienced it?

This is literally what Freyaluna is ALL about.

Outer Nature

This is the natural world – what we think about when we say “nature”. The plants, trees, creatures, woodland, mountains, rivers and oceans outside our door.

Studies have proven that spending time in nature is good for our health – mind, body and soul. And I can only agree with this. Nature has a wonderful energy. In fact, it seems to have just what you need when you need it. Have you noticed?

If I’m feeling down, it’s soothing. If I’m feeling stressed, it’s calming. If I’m feeling tired, it’s invigorating. If I’m feeling sad, it’s uplifting.

Basically, whatever I’m feeling, nature helps me to feel better.

And then there’s what happens when we apply those plants, flowers and herbs to our bodies in the form of natural skincare and body care products.

Outer Nature Goes Inside

There are actually two parts to this one.

Firstly, bringing plants into your living and working spaces has a beneficial effect on us. Plants help to purify our air. And it’s not only plants – crystals and salt lamps are also beneficial for clearing and harmonising the energies around us.

And the second part of this is what we put inside our bodies – the foods we eat. Eating fresh, healthy, whole foods helps to keep our bodies fresh, healthy and whole. The foods we eat literally provide the building blocks to build and repair our bodies – the cells, tissues and organs that we’re made of.

Have you ever prepared a fresh salad, drunk herbal teas, used herbal medicines… these are all examples of using the power of nature to benefit your own wellbeing.

Inner Nature

Speaking of what we’re made of, what about all of that amazing, mind-blowing nature that we have inside of us. We are infinitely amazing beings and we utilise only a tiny fraction of what we are capable of.

We can harness our nature on a physical level, by eating healthily, exercising and training our muscles. And by getting to know, building our relationship with, what Mother Nature has given us – our magic powers as women.

And also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, too, by feeding our minds with positive, healthy “foods” (what we watch, read, listen to, how we talk – to others and ourselves).

How It All Fits Together

With Freyaluna, my aim is to bring all of that together and to harness the power of Mother Nature to benefit our wellbeing.

It all started with natural skincare products to heal my acne, and then products to help me to feel better in my body. And then my mission became to help you to discover the effects of plants, herbs and flowers can have on our skin and our bodies.

I invite you to nurture your body, and to use simple daily skincare rituals to create and maintain healthy, vibrant skin.

How does it get any better than that?