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How To Keep Warm In Cold Weather

How To Keep Warm In Cold Weather

Goodness, hasn't it gone cold over the last couple of days? Here in my part of North Wales it certainly has!

I feel the cold really easily (and actually women generally are more prone to getting cold than men - it’s something to do with our circulation) and yesterday, with is being so mild lately, I got caught out by the temperature drop - choosing a light jacket when I really needed a winter coat.

When things turn cold it can be so easy to reach for the heating dial, but that isn’t always necessary. Often, simply by tweaking a few little habits, we can warm ourselves from the inside-out… better for our bodies, and our electricity bills.

So I thought I’d share with you (and remind myself) some of my tips for keeping warm during cold weather…

Add layers

Wrap up warm, whether you’re indoors or out, by putting on an extra vest, cardigan, or pair of socks… or all three. Sometimes this is all it takes.

And with your skincare

In colder weather our skin can benefit from some layering, too – layering our skincare products, that is. Adding an extra nourishing serum or oil into your skincare ritual can help to lock-in moisture, while delivering essential nutrients.

Take your coat

We’re so used to driving around in our cosy little cars these days that we can sometimes forget that it’s still cold outside. So remember to take your coat (and scarf, hat, gloves) with you in the car so you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Drink tea

I swear by ginger tea (fresh, dried, or teabags) to keep me warm during winter months. Ginger is wonderfully warming to the body, and this tea has kept me going through many a Christmas market in past years! There’s even a cup on my desk as I’m writing this.

Add spices to your food

You don’t have to go crazy eating curry every day, though I’m sure we’ve all experienced the warming effect of Indian foods. Simply adding more of the softer spices to your food (cinnamon in your porridge, for example) can help keep blood pumping⁠.

Massage & skin-brush

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, for women, a sluggish or slower circulation can be an issue when it comes to feeling cold. Self-massage and dry skin brushing are two simple skin rituals can help to keep blood circulating effectively to all parts of your body⁠. Focus on areas where you tend to experience more coldness – for example, hands, feet, etc.

Look for warming skincare ingredients

Those soft spicy ingredients I mentioned earlier can be great when applied to our skin, too. Look for ginger, black pepper, marjoram, and other similarly warming ingredients.

Use your senses

It’s actually quite easy to “trick” our minds and bodies into believing we’re lovely and warm… you can do this by employing your other senses. The soft glow from lit candles can really give a room an ambiance of warmth, likewise with warming scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove.

These are my eight tips to keep you warm in cold weather - they're simple and they're effective!


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