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How To Layer Your Skincare Products

How To Layer Your Skincare Products

When it comes to winter and cold weather, what’s the one fashion trend that never dies?


And it’s the same with your skincare.

And as much as you wouldn’t put your pants on over your trousers (unless, of course, you’re being a superhero that day… which is a different story entirely), there is a specific order to apply your facial skincare products.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of skincare products available these days. From cleansers to moisturisers, tonics, toners and mists (often the same thing just with different names), oils and serums, masks, steams… the list goes on.

Knowing how to layer your skincare products effectively will help you get the most from your daily skincare routine. That’s where I come in. Here are 5 simple steps to effective layering…

1. Cleanse & tone your skin

While your cleanser doesn’t stay on the skin and so isn’t strictly “layered” into your skincare, it is super important. Cleansing cleans your skin (as the name suggests) and, if you’re using a cream cleanser, it also helps to add suppleness.

Toning your skin helps to balance the skin, prepare it for the following products, and adds the first layer of moisture to your skin. It is this moisture layer that we are working to hold on the skin.

2. Choose a serum

Which serum you choose depends on your skin type and the issue you’re looking to solve. For spot-prone skin you would choose a Blemish Serum. Whereas, if you have dry skin, you would choose a Hydration Serum.

Of course, if you have dry, spot-prone skin, you could opt for using both as and when you need them. In this case, apply the Blemish Serum followed by the Hydration Serum. Serums deliver active ingredients into the skin most efficiently. That’s why they are the first layer after toning and sit right next to the skin.

3. Apply your moisturiser

Facial Moisturiser is important for any layering routine because it seals the serum on your skin, which can make it more effective.

4. Do you need a facial oil?

Generally, oils can penetrate through moisturiser, but not vice versa.

Oils are especially good for those with dry skin which needs an extra moisture boost or surge of nourishment. Alternatively, a Facial Oil can be used in replacement of your moisturiser. Facial Oils are especially useful for those prone to both acne and dryness.

5. Always use sun protection

Especially important during summer months, sun protection is the last layer of your morning routine. As sun protection sits on top of your skin, if you apply it first, the other products wouldn’t be able to penetrate through to your skin.

A few extra tips for layering your skincare products...

  • allow each product to soak into your skin for a minutes before applying the next – this will help to stop that “heavy” feeling that can sometimes happen.
  • if you have very sensitive skin and worry about applying all of these products, apply a gentle moisturiser after the Facial Mist and then apply your serum – this will reduce the potency of the serum when it reaches your skin.
  • making sure your skin is well exfoliated (daily facial skin-brushing is the best way) will help any products you apply to penetrate your skin more effectively.
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