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How To Survive Christmas Stress

How To Survive Christmas Stress

Oh Christmas and all of your preparations! SO much to do… so many people to think about!

At this time of year, amidst all of this planning and thinking of other people, it’s easy to lose sight of number 1 – YOU. And you know what they say: you can’t look after everyone else if you don’t look after yourself.

So I’ve got a great idea…

What if you did something, just for you, to feel light and happy today?

It doesn’t have to be anything life-changing (though that’s good too!)… something simple like watching your favourite movie or sitcom, going to a yoga class, getting a massage, giving yourself a facial, taking a walk in the countryside, clearing-out your wardrobe, or even just buying yourself a bunch of flowers.

It’s amazing what a little “me time” can do for you – mind, body and soul.

We women (generally) are terrible at taking time out to take care of ourselves – we always put others’ needs first. So I’m giving you the permission to take a time-out and recharge your batteries.

And even if you're not feeling stressed by Christmas preparations, why not take some time for yourself anyway?

If you’re looking for more ways to slow down and enjoy the festive season (and life in general) without all the stress, have a read of Slow Living At Christmas and Embracing The Art Of Slow Living for simple tips to reducing stress and enjoying life.