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How To Use Facial Oil: 5 Simple Skin Rituals

How To Use Facial Oil: 5 Simple Skin Rituals

There are some questions I get asked again and again. So I thought I’d answer some of them as part of our Sanctuary section here on the website. This month’s question…

When would you use a Facial Oil?

Facial Oils are versatile products and can be used in a number of skin situations and I absolutely love them.

Here are a few of my favourite skin rituals using Facial Oil…

Facial oil for facial massage

Whether you’re using with your hands or a gua sha tool, just a couple of drops of one of our Facial Oils will provide just enough slip to ensure a relaxing and effective massage.

Facial oil instead of moisturiser

A couple of drops of Facial Oil will feed your skin with much needed moisture and nutrients. This is especially welcome in winter and colder weather when our skin can be asking for a little something more than your regular moisturiser.

Facial oil as an after-sun soother

This was a skin saviour for me last month when we had all that hot and dry weather! Just like in cold weather, hot weather can also cause our skin to become dry and dehydrated.

I swapped my evening moisturiser for a Facial Oil and my skin loves the thirst-quenching it offers.

Facial oil for oil-cleansing

Yes, you can use Facial Oil to clean your skin. Simply apply, massage, and remove with facial cleansing pads or cleansing cloth. In all honestly, though, if you want to swap to an oil-based cleanser, I’d recommend our creamy Facial Cleansers rather than a Facial Oil.

Facial oil to combat spots & reduce oiliness

Think you can’t use Facial Oils on oily or spot-prone skin? Think again! It all depends on the ingredients within the Facial Oil. For example, our Clarifying Facial Oil formulated for spot-prone skin (and the one I switched to recently) contains a carefully selected blend of botanical oils which are not so rich as to block pores, and just right to maintain balanced oil levels within the skin.