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Is Natural & Botanical Skincare Effective?

Is Natural & Botanical Skincare Effective?

I believe that you deserve to use beauty products which will give results without putting your health at risk.

That means saying YES to gentle, safe, supportive ingredients sourced from the natural world, and NO to harsh, artificial, synthetic chemical ingredients.

I’m here to challenge the idea that natural skincare products are less effective.

For centuries, herbs and plants were turned to for all of our health needs. Herbalists and “wise women” were the doctors of their villages and towns. Over the last however-many-years science has taken over.

In many cases and situations that’s with good reason, obviously. And yet, skin issues are on the rise. Could it be from all of the “science” that has found its way into the practice of looking after our skin?

When I was trying to heal my acne for all those years, I turned to every product I could find on shop shelves – you know, all the big names in acne skincare – and they all promised to erase my acne and fix my skin, and yet, they didn’t work.

And then I went to my doctor and was prescribed some products which, being prescription-only, were “stronger” in their actions. And again, I was left disappointed at the results.

What I found was that all of these products (all “proven by science”) I used over many years of trial and error were not only not healing my acne, they were harming my skin – leaving it dry and flaky in patches.

Then I turned my attention to plants and the natural world for help, returning to our traditional roots of healthcare and herbalism.

When I made a face cream from fresh botanical ingredients it was a completely different experience than any of the shop-bought creams I’d used.

Bottle of Ban The Blemish Facial Moisturiser standing on dresser with mirror, facial brush, and candle

And after a few weeks of daily use, I started to notice something very interesting…

Not only was my acne calming, my whole skin looked and felt healthier – no more dryness, or excessive oiliness, or dull complexion.

I get it, of course… we feel reassured by “backed by science” or “proven by science” claims. That’s understandable. Science has become the oracle of our age. And I’m not denigrating science at all.

But… what if there’s space for the “old ways,” too? And what if there’s not only space for the “old ways” but they are exactly what we need?

While Freyaluna products are not “proven by science” themselves, many of the botanical ingredients we use have been… thyme and bog myrtle have both been proven to kill bacteria which cause acne, horsetail has been proven to reduce thinning hair, and jojoba oil has been proven to relieve symptoms of psoriasis, to give just a few examples.

And, just as with our food, all botanical ingredients have been proven to contain myriad vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants which all help to keep our skin healthy.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I believe you deserve skincare products that are not only effective, but safe, too. I believe that the skinCARE products we apply everyday should be just that: CARING.

That’s why we only use natural and organic ingredients, without the addition or harsh chemicals, fillers or bulking agents, synthetic fragrance, artificial colours, or the rest.

I believe that, no matter what our age or skin type,Mother Nature has the power to heal, restore, and revive our skin. That’s why we create effective, botanical skincare… without using a chemistry set.