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Detox Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Detox Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

We’re at the start of a new year, so that must mean it’s time to detox, right?

You know, detox isn’t just for the post Christmas, New Year time of year. AND detox isn’t just for your body.

Yes, it’s great to give your body a good cleanse when you’ve spent a few days (or weeks) indulging in excesses of food and drink (or haven’t been paying enough attention to how we’re treating our bodies) – we all need this from time to time if we want our bodies to function at their best.

It’s also great to do the same for our minds, our emotions… our lives.

Sometimes, when we’re distracted (and, dare I say, busy) with other things in life – you know, family commitments, work deadlines, socialising, caring for others – it is all too easy to forget ourselves and our own wellness and self-care.

That’s when we need to detox.

Just as it’s great to cleanse your body, cleansing and detoxing your life can leave you feeling wonderfully healthy and well.

What is a life cleanse?

Detoxing your life can be the result of a variety of many different acts and tasks – it very much depends on what you feel you need and what would work best for you in this moment in time.

Here are a few ideas…

Cleanse your space

  • clear out part of your space – your wardrobe, a kitchen cupboard, your desk (this one worked wonders for me just recently), or your bathroom cabinet (more on this later) - start with one small area to avoid overwhelm
  • bring the outside in – house plants help to cleanse the air in your home
  • swap chemical-laden cleaning products for natural ones

Let go & look forward

  • make a list of all the things you want to leave behind – thoughts, feelings, habits, experiences, people that no-longer serve your life and goals
  • once you’ve made your list, create a burning ritual to release all of that energy back into the Universe
  • learn from your “mistakes” – if there has been an experience or situation which didn’t go quite as you wanted it to, ask yourself what lessons, insight and wisdom you can gain from it – what are the positives?
  • make a list of all the things you WANT in your life – thoughts, feelings, habits, experiences, people, places
  • use this list for visualisation and goal-setting
Wooden handle natural body brush on pale background

Take care of your body

  • drink plenty of water – at least 2 litres a day
  • create your own bed time routine to ensure you get enough good quality sleep
  • take a cleansing salt bath
  • brush your skin each morning
  • clear out all of your old make-up and skincare products and invest in high-quality botanical products to care for your skin

Look after your mental health

  • disconnect from technology – spend a day with no phone, computer, tablet, etc
  • get to grips with your finances and clear out what you don’t need – cut up store cards, cancel subscriptions you no-longer use, etc
  • STOP reading trashy women’s/gossip magazines – they’re really not good for your mental or emotional wellness
  • go for a walk outside in a natural setting – leave your phone at home and lose yourself in the sights and sounds of nature

These are just a few tips that have worked for me over the years. Now it's over to you - ask yourself, what will help me to feel refreshed and renewed in life? And follow whatever comes up for you.