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Self-Care: Reclaiming Your Power

Self-Care: Reclaiming Your Power

There’s a saying that goes something like this… self-care is how you take your power back.⁣

⁣What are your thoughts on that?⁣

⁣I completely agree with it.

When we look after ourselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – we improve our wellbeing, which means we feel good, which means our confidence grows, which means we increase our sense of self-worth, which means we value ourselves (and our time and energy) more highly, which means we are happy to set our boundaries and to stick to them, which means we are not afraid to say NO when we need or want to.⁣

⁣So yeah… self-care = reclaiming your power⁣

⁣That’s what I love about my work… I’m encouraging women to get back in touch with their bodies (something we are so often disconnected from) and listen to what their bodies and skin are asking for.⁣

⁣Because when we learn to give our bodies what it is they need (and they’re already asking for), then we create a strong and powerful relationship with our physical selves… which, as I’ve described above, leads to a strong and powerful relationship with every part of ourselves and our lives.⁣

⁣Pretty cool, huh?

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