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The Beauty Of Gifting

The Beauty Of Gifting

Giving gifts at any time of the year is beautiful. And at Christmas time, when your world is caught up with magic and sparkle it’s even nicer to be able to give your loved ones a gift that they can enjoy beyond the festive season.

Follow my 5 tips for putting you at the front of the queue of top gift-givers this festive season!

1. Gifting with thought and care

In our fast paced-world it is sometimes tempting to pick up the quickest ‘Christmas gift set’ without having to think too hard about it. But these gifts unfortunately rarely bring true pleasure and can often find themselves in the local charity shop or tombola table. What would your loved one really like to receive from you?

2. Gifting with thanks and gratitude

When giving a gift this Christmas, bear in mind how thankful you are to have this special person in your life. Focus on the joy and happiness that your recipient brings to your little world, and you won’t go far wrong in gifting something that will bring them delight.

3. Gifting with consideration of your recipient

Have you ever tried to give a gift to someone because you liked it? Like buying a diary for your disorganised friend, or a recipe book for your flatmate who loves to eat out more than anything else. Consider the true interests of your gift recipient before the big day; it will make you both happier in the long run, even if this does mean keeping their original gift for yourself!

4. Gifting to make them smile

When the wrapping is opened, and the gift is revealed, the light in their eyes is what we all look for in our loved ones. Giving a gift to make someone smile, remind them that they’re loved and that we care is the reason that we give. Think of that warm, fuzzy feeling when selecting your next gift.

5. Gifting for future enjoyment

Like a classic novel or a cashmere scarf, some gifts are meant to last. Can you take a little longer to think of a gift that your loved one may be able to love for many years to come? These gifts are the stand-outs that really impress

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