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3 Unusual Signs You Have Dry Skin

3 Unusual Signs You Have Dry Skin

Often it is easy to know when you have dry skin – flaky and scaly patches, red areas, and a roughness to the touch are all common signs that your skin is parched and crying out for some hydration.

And sometimes the signals aren’t that obvious.

So here are 3 more subtle signs that your skin is drier than you think, and what you need to do to switch up your skin care routine…

Fine lines & wrinkles

It may not be signs of premature ageing when you start to notice fine lines appearing around your eyes and mouth… PHEW!

The drier your skin, the less plump your skin cells are because they swell with moisture. When your skin cells are lovely and plump, you won’t notice the fine lines and wrinkles as much, so drink water and apply hydration and moisture where needed.

Make-up doesn't apply easily

Make-up such as foundation and concealer is meant to be undetectable – your skin simply looks smooth and healthy when you’re wearing it. But when you apply these products to dry skin, you will notice a patchiness to the coverage as the product “settles” into your lines, pores and dry patches.

Excessive oiliness

I know you’re likely thinking that I’ve gone crazy now because this might seem like the exact opposite of dry skin, so bare with me here and let me explain…

When your skin is dry, especially if you are using harsh and drying products such as facial washes, your skin can enter “panic mode” where it will over-produce oil (our skin naturally produces its own oil – called sebum – to maintain its health) in an effort to counteract the dryness. This is when you start to notice an oily layer on the skin - often especially in the T-zone - and your skin can feel both dry and oily at the same time.

How to nourish dry skin

Here are a few ideas…

  • Try swapping any foaming washes for a creamy cleanser and always remember your moisturiser. You can also add the extra step of a Facial Serum to your skincare ritual for an extra hydration boost.
  • Learning how to layer your skincare products to get the best effects – especially in winter.
  • Look out for natural ingredients which are especially good for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Keep a natural balm with you at all times for those dry skin emergencies while you’re out and about.
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, rich in healthy omega oils. If you’re struggling to get enough oils in your diet, try taking a supplement of something like Evening Primrose oil or fish oil. Also reduce your intake of processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and caffeine which will all have a dehydrating effect on the body, which will then lead to dry and dehydrated skin.
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