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What Is Slow Beauty?

What Is Slow Beauty?

Over the past few years, I’ve been connecting with and talking more and more about this idea of slow living… especially with regards to skincare.

  • Transforming routines into rituals
  • Bringing sense-uality into skincare
  • Making time to care for your skin and yourself
  • Engaging attention and intention when applying products

Basically slowing down, becoming present, and being more mindful about the way you take care of your skin and the products you use to do so.

Because true skin CARE is about just that – CARING for your skin. It’s not about quick fixes, hacks, or wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am… no, true skin care is a life-long and loving relationship.

Remember the tale of the hare and the tortoise? Despite the obvious discrepancy between the two animals’ respective speeds, it is the slow and steady tortoise whom ultimately wins their race.

We can learn something there. Perhaps that, though quick fixes may have benefit in the short-term, if we want to gain and maintain healthy skin for life, a slow and steady approach is more likely to benefit in the long-term.

What is Slow Beauty?

I’ve mentioned this word already, but I do believe it comes down to one thing… mindfulness. Being mindful at each step of the process.

Step 1

It starts in the fields and on the farm, caring for the plants which will ultimately become ingredients for our products.

Tending those plants (and the Earth herself) in organic and sustainable ways, working with nature and her cycles, harvesting over extending time periods to ensure we gather the herbs when each individual leaf or flower is ready. And allowing those ingredients to dry naturally and in their own time, and storing them in their best conditions.

Step 2

The next step of the process is mixing those fresh and vibrant ingredients to create the finished products. Again, it’s about being mindful of the conditions in the room, treating each ingredient gently so as to preserve its goodness, creating just the right formula dedicated to caring for your skin – not too much, but just the right ingredients to be beneficial, with no unnecessary ingredients added.

Step 3

This next stage is down to you.

Our products invite you to bring that attention and intention to your skincare and self-care rituals. To be mindful of all aspects of the product… what you see (side note: no artificial colours are added, so our products contain only the natural colours of the ingredients within), what you smell (notice how the scent makes you feel), how the product feels in your fingers, and how it feels when applied to your skin.

Slow and steady, when it comes to skincare, is little and often. An hour-long full facial every now and again can be wonderful for the skin, but its benefits are nothing compared to a daily four-minute cleansing ritual each evening.
You see, as with most things in life, it’s about consistency and the things we repeatedly do… that’s what brings results.

From field to face, from seed to skin… that’s the journey of slow beauty.