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Harmonising Bath Salts

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A beautiful blend of natural salts and comforting essential oils to help soothe and nourish mind, body, and skin. Himalayan Salt, a key ingredient, helps to replenish the skin and body with natural minerals, resulting in relaxed muscle and soft skin.

Key Ingredients

Rose is a wonderful ingredient for women! Especially good for dry, sensitive, or mature skin, the scent of rose helps to "lift" our emotions and ease nervous tension and stress - it's like a warm hug for the soul. Rose's benefits don't end there... it is also an excellent tonic for the womb, helping to calm PMT and regulate hormones. Really, what's not to love?

Geranium is well-known for its balancing effects. Through its action on the adrenal cortex, the scent or geranium is a tonic to our nervous system - helping to reduce stress, calm anxiety and lift depression, putting the mind back into balance. This effect is also beneficial for our skin where there is any imbalance.

Himalayan salt is considered the purest of salts, and is one of the best sources of natural minerals. This means it can help to detox your body and aid the body in absorbing its 84 essential trace minerals through the skin. .

A Simple Ritual

Add a handful of Bath Salts to a warm bath as you run the water. Lie back and relax, and let the wonderful aroma soothe your mind as the blend of natural salts soothe your skin and body.

Due to the detoxing properties of our Bath Salts, we recommend that you rest for 10-15 minutes after your bath, before jumping back into "real life".

Full Ingredients

Maris sal (sea salt) Sodium Chloride (Himalayan pink salt), Magnesium sulphate, Rosa centifolia (rose) oil, Cananga odorata (ylang-ylang) oil, Chamomilis vulgaris (chamomile) oil, Pogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil, Pelargonium gravolens (geranium) oil, Rosa gallica (rose) petals.

235g jar