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Natural Bristle Dry Body Brush

  • £10.00

A natural bristle body brush with hand strap for ease of use. Daily dry skin brushing can improve lymphatic drainage, boost circulation, and result in healthy & glowing skin.

Key Material

Sisal fibre, being extracted from the ever enduring Agave plant, offers an array of benefits. Apart from being constructed from a sustainable, renewable and natural resource, sisal fibre is rot resistant, anti-bacterial, and is biodegradable.

When used on the skin, in the form of a brush, it offers gentle cleansing, exfoliation and massage to increase circulation and improve your complexion.

A Simple Ritual

Each morning before your shower, starting at your toes, brush all over your right foot using firm, rhythmic strokes. Work up your calf, over your knee, and up your thigh. Repeat on for the left foot and leg. Continue up your abdomen and chest, and up your back. From your hands to your shoulders, and down your neck… always brushing towards your heart.

Then simply get into the shower and continue with your morning routine as normal, and remember to follow with your favourite moisturiser.

Quick tip... for best results, we recommend you use this technique daily, but you can start of gently by introducing it once a week, or every couple of days to begin with.

Approximately 10cm across