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Wooden Natural Bristle Nail Brush

  • £4.00

Our wooden natural bristle nail brush made from sustainably-sourced materials offers eco-friendly gentle & effective cleaning.

Key Material

Sisal fibre, being extracted from the ever enduring Agave plant, offers an array of benefits. Apart from being constructed from a sustainable, renewable and natural resource, sisal fibre is rot resistant, anti-bacterial, and is biodegradable.

When used on the skin, in the form of a brush, it offers gentle cleansing, exfoliation and massage to increase circulation and improve your complexion.

A Simple Ritual

Wet the bristles with warm water and rub on a beautiful handmade soap. Then massage the soapy bristles around fingernails and knuckles for an extra deep clean. Rinse your hands with warm water and pat your skin dry. Follow with a wonderfully nourishing hand cream.

Quick tip... rinse your Nail Brush after use and allow to air dry between uses.

Suitable for use on fingernails, toe nails, knuckles, and anywhere else you need an extra bit of cleaning.

Approximately 8cm long