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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you mean by "natural ingredients"?

Our products contain only ingredients derived from Mother Nature. These include botanical oils and butters, pure essential oils, sea salts, honey, milk, and dried flowers, herbs and spices. These are nourishing to the skin and usually beneficial for most skin types. Our cocoa butter, shea butter and sugar come from Fair Trade sources.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not! We only test on human volunteers. Our ethics and values drive us, so our products are as kind as they can be. Most products are suitable for vegetarian or vegan customers as our ingredients are botanical in origin (there is an exception with some products, which contain beeswax, honey or milk ingredients – see below for more details).

Are your products organic?

While all of our products are natural, we cannot say that they are all organic because not every supplier of our natural ingredients has been certified organic. Becoming certified organic is a long and expensive process and in some cases our suppliers are not yet able to pay all of the associated fees, even though they are practicing sustainable agriculture. To us, sourcing ingredients from local, ethical growers and suppliers is more important than ensuring all ingredients are organic as this can often mean shipping ingredients in from other countries around the world and that would add to our carbon footprint.

Do your products contain SPF?

We do not currently have any products in our range which contain SPF, though we plan to in the future!

How long do your products last?

That depends on the product and your usage. To give you an example, our facial products generally last 30-40 days with daily use. Find more information about caring for your products, here.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

As mentioned above, most of our products are suitable for vegans, but there are a few exceptions. These include… Honey & Geranium Intensive Hand Salve (contains honey and beeswax), Down & Dirty Deep-Cleansing Face Mask (contains honey), Super Food Antioxidant Face Mask (contains honey), Feed Your Face Nourishing Face Mask (contains honey and goat’s milk).

Why aren't all of your products vegan?

We would be the first to say that the plant world provides us with some absolutely wonderful ingredients for skincare. And the animal-derived ingredients we use (honey, beeswax and goat’s milk) are also wonderful ingredients for skincare. And, as we have many customers who aren’t vegan, we are happy to use these ingredients in the creation of a small number of products. We are assured that no animals are harmed in the collection of the ingredients we use.

Why do you use essential oils?

We want to create high quality natural products. Essential oils give a wonderful natural scent to our products and have therapeutic properties too. In our opinion, this makes essential oils far superior to man-made fragrance oils, which often appear in other skincare products.

Why do you use plant oils?

Many commercial products contain mineral oil (baby oil is often 100% mineral oil). This is a petroleum by-product that coats the skin but is not absorbed and so can clog the pores and cause spots and other skin problems. Larger manufacturers use petroleum by-products because they are very cheap, but offer non of the skin-nourishing benefits provided by the botanical oils used in our products. We want our customers to enjoy real skin-care benefits when using our products, so we carefully select ingredients because of their skin-care properties and NOT based on cost.

Do you use chemical preservatives in your products?

By law, we have to add a preservative to some of our products in order to meet EU Regulations. However, as you might imagine, we’re not comfortable with using parabens, formaldehyde, sodium benzoate, or any of the other harsh chemical preservatives you find in mass-produced skincare products. Instead, after years of research, we’ve opted for the most natural, yet still effective preservative system we can find.

I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

Our products contain only natural ingredients, and have been carefully formulated to suit most skin types. But you could still be sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients. As a precaution, we would ask you to perform a patch test prior to first use if you have any concerns.

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I'm pregnant and I've heard I should avoid essential oils. Is that true?

Essential oils are very potent and some should be avoided during pregnancy, especially the first few months. Most of our products are formulated to be safe for pregnant women, but if you have any concerns please seek advice from your GP, midwife, or a qualified aromatherapist.

Why don't you sell your products in larger sizes?

We think it’s better for our customers to receive products that are as fresh as possible. That’s why we create in small batches and only sell in small quantities. We feel it is better to buy in small quantities and use within, ideally, six months, so the ingredients are fresh and still contain their full potency.

I have a nut allergy. Do your products contain nut oils?

Nut oils can provide some amazing skin care benefits, and so we do use nut oils (sweet almond, in particular) in some of our products. If you have an allergy to nuts, please contact us and we will try to create your products without using nut oils. Please note; there may be an extra charge for this service.

I'm looking for something specific. Do you offer custom products?

As we briefly mentioned in the previous answer, we do provide a custom service, and can design and produce products to specific requirements, if need be. Be aware that there may be additional charges for this bespoke service. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.