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Welcome To Naturally Clear Skin

Sami Blackford, founder of Freyaluna Skincare

Allow me to introduce myself... my name is Sami and I’m the founder and creator of Freyaluna Skincare.

Plants and nature have always played a big role in my life – from growing up surrounded by the countryside of North Wales, to making my first mashed-banana face mask at the age of six, to studying Herbalism – the ways of Wise Women and Herbal Medicine have long been an interest of mine.

But it took my own skin problems to lead me down this path with purpose. You see, I used to have really bad acne – my face was a minefield of spots and blemishes since puberty – and got to the point where I had almost zero confidence. Maybe you can relate:

You get up in the morning and look in the mirror to put your make-up on, and think to that the best thing to do would be to put a paper bag over your head because no amount of make-up is going to hide all that acne.

Out in public you often hide behind your hair or find some reason to put your hand across your face because people would be disgusted if they saw the minefield of spots on your skin.

Or when someone gets their camera out at a party you shrink back into the crowd because you can’t bear there to be any lasting evidence of the state of your skin.

    But this wasn’t just a teenage problem. No, my acne continued into my early and mid-twenties. By that point I had certainly had enough of constant spots all over my face and vowed to find an answer.

    Freyaluna Skincare is that answer – I honestly believe that no matter what age or skin type, Mother Nature has the power to heal, restore, and revive our skin.

    Meet my go-to blemish treatment

    Whenever I get a spot or breakout (yes, it does still happen from time to time), I make sure I’ve got my Clarifying Blemish Serum close at hand.

    This cleansing and anti-septic blend, formulated specifically for acne and spot-prone skin, and I apply this whenever I get that feeling that a spot is about to occur, or when I’ve missed the signs and the spot is fully making itself known on my face (or anywhere on my body for that matter) and it really helps to soothe the soreness and reduce the redness, making the spot heal much quicker than it would normally.

    Let's take a look at ingredients

    Organically and sustainably grown in our own Herb Garden, the stars of this potent formula are Thyme and Sage.

    Here’s a quick introduction to each…


    With strong antibacterial properties, Thyme is effective for healing acne, wounds, and similar skin conditions. Thyme stimulates the body’s own immune system, helping to ward-off infection.


    Has an ability to increase collagen, which is key for the elasticity of the skin. It is rich in vitamin A which encourages the rejuvenation of skin cells which can reduce the appearance of dark spots and scars.

    What customers are saying

    Ema says: “I use prescription acne treatment but yours is so much better!”

    Naomi says: “I am very happy with the result!!”

    Zenda says: “I love it, soaks in straight away no stickiness it also smells amazing it really lifts my mood. It works a treat.”

    Discover your natural acne solution

    If, like I was, you are fed up of spots and blemishes, and you’ve had enough of acne… and if you’re longing for clear, healthy, radiant skin (yes, it really is possible)… this is for you.

    For all new customers (welcome!), I’m offering a 20% discount on our gorgeously effective (and very popular) Clarifying Blemish Serum – that means you save £7.20 on the usual price of £36.00

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