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Welcome To Seriously Soothing Skincare

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sami and I’m the founder and creator of Freyaluna Skincare.

Plants and nature have always played a big role in my life – from growing up surrounded by the countryside of North Wales, to making my first mashed-banana face mask at the age of six, to studying Herbalism – the ways of Wise Women and Herbal Medicine have long been an interest of mine.

In case you don’t know my acne skin story… my face was a minefield of spots and blemishes since puberty, which continued into my early and mid-twenties. At that point I had certainly had enough of my acne and vowed to find an answer.

Freyaluna Skincare is that answer. And I honestly believe that no matter what age or skin type, Mother Nature has the power to heal, restore, and revive our skin.

But my skin issues didn’t stop at acne – there has also been bouts of eczema, psoriasis, extreme dryness, sensitivity, and dermatitis along the way. Not to mention the seasonal delights of sun-sensitivity and sunburn (oops!), itchiness, and irritation.

Meet my go-to skin saviour

One of my favourite of all our Freyaluna Skincare products is our Calendula & Sweet Violet Seriously Soothing Salve – I use it for all sorts of skin situations!

  • Need a hand cream? Try this
  • Got dry skin? Try this
  • Eczema annoying you? Try this
  • Been out in the sun too long? Try this
  • Baby got nappy rash? Try this
  • Got a patch of something and not quite sure what it is? Try this

This is literally my go-to “cure-all” for all sorts of skin problems I experience in daily life.

Let's take a look at ingredients

Organically and sustainably grown in our own Herb Garden, the stars of this rich formula are Calendula & Sweet Violet.

Here’s a quick introduction to each…


Helps to promote the healing and repair of skin tissues, is anti-inflammatory, and minimises scar formation. Soothes irritations and inflammation. Calendula also helps to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight off infection.

Sweet Violet

Loaded with nutrients that offer a wide range of healing benefits. Sweet violet is naturally anti-inflammatory and so may be helpful for those with eczema and other dry skin conditions. It can also help to soften hard skin.

What customers are saying

Victoria says: “This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!”

Biddie says: “I have to say its helping stop the itch and reduce redness….yay!”

Eileen says: “The cream soothed and reduced dry patchy skin. Hands are feeling much better already.”

Discover serious skin soothing

If this recent sunshine has you longing to start showing some beautiful, deeply nourished and cared-for skin after the long winter of cold weather and dry skin, this is for you. And with this rich buttery formula, a little really goes a long way!

Ready to try?

For all new customers (welcome!), I’m offering a £5 discount on our gorgeous (and very popular) Calendula & Sweet Violet Seriously Soothing Salve

Just use code: SOOTHEME at the checkout when you purchase the 60ml Calendula & Sweet Violet Seriously Soothing Salve (RRP: £24.00) today.